A Day Of Thanks

As mentioned on my previous blog post – our oven is broken and did a search of restaurants that offer ham and turkey with all the trimmings.  As this is a REQUIREMENT for my kiddos.  Ha!  
Through the years of being homeless, poor and very ill I will confess that I didn’t know if I’d be here today.  
Today I am THANKFUL for:
Having two very happy children that love me to pieces
A career/job that allows me to BE “Mom”
A roof over our heads and food on our table
Hot water, electricity and transportation
A relationship with my Mother 
The fur babies and cute quails that add to our lives
For the blog work my children and I work very hard to share
For ALL the humans that have found strength from my words and images
This year was a long battle for my health and here I am!  All my cancer tests came out CLEAR and my hysterectomy on July 30th has already resulted in a health level I have not had in YEARS. I was able to take my first hiking/walking trail last week and seeing my Son’s happiness to be able to do this once again with me was PRICELESS! 
I want to THANK YOU for being my supporters and taking the time to visit me here.  YOU ARE AWESOME and need to know that.

May you eat ALL the food you LOVE… Embrace ALL the people that are special in your life and make it AMAZING  <3

From my Little Family to Yours,
MizLiz and Kiddos

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