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Buzz Feed: Latina Moms Talk About Raising Their Kids

Facebook Buzz Feed: Latina Moms Talk About Raising Their Kids

Excitement is what came from participating in this project!  Based on the comments being made on the Buzz Feed video and that of my friends and family, I am happy to see that it is a Positive one.

To take the lives of 4 Moms and our children and blend it beautifully in to a 3 minute video is nothing less than MAGIC! Sadly there are a few viewers that only want to see in us: broken women that need to gain an education and a “job.”

For this reason I want to fill in the “blank” and hope it bring light in to a misconstrued world.  This is what I copied from my response to such comments.

I am Elizabeth:

I can only speak for myself – I am a full time Accountant, full time Mom, full time writer/blogger, full time care taker of my cancer surviving Mother age 72 and full time humanitarian.
I’ve gone to 2 universities and 1 community college. I did so before I was married and paid it on my own while working 1 full time and 1 p/t job as my Parents didn’t believe in educating a female, and so I educated myself.
I waited until I married at age 26 before having children. As soon as I had my Daughter my now ex-husband started abusing me and took the decision to end such negativity from our lives.
In doing so we faced poverty and homelessness. My children were 1 1/2yrs old and 3 1/2. We lived in my mini van with no support from a very religious family that refused to help me “sin” by leaving an abusive husband and filing for divorce.
We scratched a life for ourselves – as a divorce not only devastates a family it also ruins your credit worthiness. Getting in to an apartment on my own after all this was not easy.
I share my story so that those that see Strength in our survival will take the steps to take themselves and/or their children out of potentially deadly situation.
My children are AMAZING and work beside me on my blog to raise monies to provide food and clothing at local homeless camps. They remember what it was like to be homeless and poor with the pain of hungry tummies.
I personally know women AND men of all walks of life and ALL forms of education that have or continue to struggle as a parent, as a Domestic Violence victim/survivor that are teachers, Doctors, Law Enforcement, Lawyers etc…
None of what is discussed is exclusive to “one group of people” but we do need a stronger representation of the groups we rarely see.
I am a Reflection of you… Sending Strength and Peace for those who need it. <3


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