Summer Essentials: Scarf Prints Dancing In The Sea Breeze (Petite-Plus)


We all need to have the scarf print in our Summer wardrobe! Add the mixed patterns to this maxi dress with the banded halter top detail and it makes for a gorgeous design you can wear for a stroll on the beach or in the city.  The loose skirt will flow beautifully around you.

I picked out this maxi for our stay-cation for not only it’s gorgeousness but also for how easy it is to quickly fold without worry of wrinkles.  There’s nothing I hate more than needing to iron during a vacay!  Having pieces that are easy to wear is key to a happy and stress-free getaway.

Being out at the beach couldn’t of been any more easier.  The kiddos and I went exploring through the rocks and walked up and down the beach looking at sea shells and rocks all the while laughing and at peace.  We looked like the happy family we strive to be and completely in our space all the while looking fashionable and comfy.  Isn’t that what a vacation is all about?

Add accessories and a strappy sandle to change the look and wear it to a lunch date or a garden wedding.  That’s what makes this dress a top pic in my Summer Essentials list.

Measurements:    48  –  44  –  55                                   Height:   5’0

I’m wearing Size 20W and recommend sizing down as it is roomy and free flowing.  I easily knotted the skirt on the side to help shorten the length while on flats (bare foot.)

Dress>>  London Times

I received this dress through my GwynnieBee subscription.  I have the luxury of a revolving closet that I can rotate my Summer Wardrobe with fun pieces without the commitment.  Best of all it helps keep my fashionista budget tiny  to allow a little splurge with the family, such as this Holiday stay-cation.  Try YOUR FREE 30-Day Trial by clicking on the following banner:
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