Yellow Plaid Domino Dollhouse (Outfit Of The Day)

This is my latest “gently used” find and only my 2nd yellow dress in my whole closet!  Domino Dollhouse is an edgy-classic design.  How else can I describe it?!

I’ve been eye balling their site for quite awhile but for some reason just never had a chance to purchase one of their items.  When I saw this dress placed for sale I was on it faster than I could have clicked my mouse.  I haven’t felt an attraction for the yellow hues but have found it complimented my skin tone very well.

This dress didn’t let me down in any way.  It fit a little loose but it was perfect as the material has no stretch and needed the extra room to do my hulk moves.  Ha!  I added my 3 string pearl necklace and my beautiful matching yellow bracelet that I absolutely LOVE how it helped pull the look together.  For the edge that Domino Dollhouse inspires I wore my large spiked hoops in tarnish gold.

Compliments were abound from people of all ages as I trekked through my day.  Many loved the dress design and others wanted more info on my daring earrings.  All in all it is a great look and can easily add a more retro OR edgy look by accessorizing it accordingly… a large straw hat, a net hair barret, a flower or two … OR… cat ears, spiked head band, fish net stockings, combat boots… the combinations are endless!

Sadly the dress is no longer available but they do have a beautiful selection of other retro-edgy dress designs to play around with.  *I promise to update my blog with any similar dresses I come across.

Measurements during this pictorial:   47-42-53  Height 5’0
I wore Size 2XL

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  1. November 14, 2013 / 2:25 pm

    Gorgeous! Yellow AND plaid. Two of my faves. You look beautiful!

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