Wickedly Younique 3D Lashes! (Review)

Wickedly “Younique” by Aimee

I’ve been using fake lashes for my photo shoots and events and finding a mascara that can deliver a close enough impact as fake lashes has been a long time search for me.  I’ve tried just about every brand over the counter… gone so far as adding 15 coats of a few brands to achieve a “full” look but still opted for fake eye lashes when being photographed.

When my long time Facebook friend Aimee told me about “Younique” and their 3D Mascara I was intrigued to try it.  She immediately sent me my kit and have finally tried it for the first time today!

First let me say, I have used other “fiber” mascara brands and even though they were a degree thicker than the normal non-fiber brands it didn’t give the impact I’m used to with large fake lashes.  Yet when I tried this product it was almost immediate.  I followed the directions and did one eye first and on the other I used my normal super duper “regular” mascara.

As you can tell the eye on your left is “Younique” and the eye on the right is my “regular” mascara.  You can see my eyelashes almost touching my eyebrows on the “Younique” (left side of your screen.)  

Here’s the techie part of it all:

Unique comes in two tubes.  One is the fiber filled spongy brush and the other is the sealing gel that’s on a normal looking mascara brush.

– You apply a light coat of your regular mascara on FIRST.
– Apply a layer of fibers right away so it sticks to the wetness of your mascara
– Apply the sealing gel to keep the fibers from falling off when they dry.

You NEED to be PATIENT….

You can stop at one coat for a fuller “normal” mascara…. BUT I like them big, bold and as POW as possible…. sooooo… if you want a more intense look do the following:

WAIT until the gel sets for a minute then add more fibers….
– Apply another layer of gel to set…

WAIT another minute and do it again until you reach the intensity you want.

For this application I did 4 applications.
– I waited a good 3-5 minutes to make sure everything was dry.
– Then I curled the base, the mid point of my eyelashes then the tips.

The pictures shown are without my eyeliner.  I wanted to show the details of the lashes before they got lost in the thick liner I do for my cat eye.

I recommend a good lash separator to create a more “natural” even lash.  I didn’t have one in my makeup kit that I had with me to show the effects.  I personal like the clumped 80’s lashes.  It’s all personal choice and this products gives you either look.

Again, be PATIENT in applying this.  I used a makeup sealing spray and had no issues with this product.  I will update on how it performs through out this hot day.

There are many independent representatives for this brand.  If you do decide to purchase this item please contact Aimee.  She is very helpful and will answer all your questions.  This item does ship Internationally too!:
*Let her know I recommended you

Wickedly “Younique” by Aimee

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Disclosure:  The Unique 3D Fiber Kit was provided by “Wickedly Unique by Aimee.”  My thoughts, review and recommendation are all my own.  

Contact:  Wickedly “Younique” by Aimee for details on the following promotion.

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