When I’m Away I Worry (Humanity)

When I’m Away I Worry…

Not too long ago I walked the streets searching for food for my children and I
The hunger pains came and our bodies learned to ignore them
We are ghosts
We are shadows
Does the world see us?!
My children are hungry…
Mommy my tummy hurts
Mommy I can’t sleep
Mommy why can’t I get full???
I didn’t feel worthy to be called that…
Thank you! My children would LOVE to have your left overs!
Thank you! The shoes and blankets will fit!
Thank you! That old blanket will feel like heaven to us!
We walked and I wept…
I wondered when this bad dream would end!
A kind word
A kind gesture
A family that shared their home
WE are your family now…
They helped us when our blood family wouldn’t
They gave us love and more than we’ve had for so long…
Years later…  Yes it’s taken years…

We survived!  We continue to survive….

Each day I carry fruit, water… food
I offer it to the hungry and poor
I offer it to the us that we once were
Please do not thank me…
You are WELCOME to the little I have
I wish I had more…
Whenever you’re hungry you can find me at this location
Every week day
Same time each day
If you don’t see me…
Check by the bus stop
I leave food there for everyone to have
Take what you need
If there is extra give them to those you know
When I’m Away I Worry…
Who will set out the extra food?
Who will set out hot coffee?
Who will help quiet your tummy?
When I’m Away…. I… Worry!

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