What A Mix! (Outfit Of The Day)

MM2 Mix Print Wrap Dress

I generally stay away from wrap dresses as I’m very curvy and usually they open up and reveal more than what I want to show.  FEAR NO MORE!  This wrap dress NEVER opened up on me and was fully wrapped around that when the wind did pick up it flowed and looked even MORE beautiful.  The Rayon/Polyester/Spandex blend is very comfortable to wear and wasn’t hot to wear during this 85+ Southern California Weather.

Personally I have a hard time mixing prints.  Don’t know what it is that gives me a fashion block and when I saw this dress and design I knew I had to try it.  There are different chevron stripes mixed with different prism patterns brought together with a side black band was quite a feat.   It all came together in this design and flattered my body perfectly.

Makeup:  Neutral tones popped with a beautiful teal to bring interest to my eyes.  I also emphasized my cheek bones with a lighter foundation and powder and emphasized my cheeks with a dark contour and a dark rose blush.   To embrace the Fall color pallet I outlined my lips in a dark pink lip liner and added my dark brown lipstick.  It gave the “dark and mysterious” look I think.

Hair:  For a more polished and “fashionable” look I put my hair up on a pony tail and slipped in a comb to help give my curls an up do controlled curl mess.  I rolled my long bangs towards my face and framed them to one side.  The best thing to keep this roll fresh and stabilized is hiding two butterfly clips between the rolls and covering them up with my hair using a bobby pin. Once I achieved the height and placing of this “roll” I sprayed it with a maximum hold hair spray as well as spray the rest of my hair to keep my little curls from frizzing out of control and ruining my look.

Accessories:  None.  I forgot them at home yet the dress has enough interest that you barely notice.

Measurements:  47  –  42  –  53                                     Height:  5’0

I’m wearing Size 2X and it fit a tad loose but loved it this way.  For a more fitted look I’d recommend the 1X for similar measurements.

I couldn’t find this company on line.  This dress came in my Gwynnie Bee Subscription and have requested more info on MM2’s website.  I will update this post as soon as I receive the info.  Gwynnie Bee is a GREAT service that provides rental subscriptions of Plus Size fashions – Similar to “Netflix.”  I recommend this service as a great way to stay on budget and still be our fashionista selves with “new” outfits to wear each week!  Feel free to ask me any questions as I’ve been a proud member for a year now.

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