What is Size Bullying? Have You Experienced it? (Awareness)

What is your definition of “Size Bullying?”  

I have been warned of this when I first attended a Plus Size Bash.  I was deemed to be too small yet many of the well known community members welcomed me with love and physically stood by me through the event.  
Another instance has been when I’ve walked in to a clothing store and the sales lady directly stated:
“We don’t carry Plus Size in this store.”  
Which I answered with:
“I was here to shop for my Daughter but I rather go to a store that WELCOMES me and asks if THEY CAN HELP instead of placing an invisible wall that people my size are not welcomed there.”
I have read a few posts of horrible experiences and I want to hear your take on this.  WHAT did you do to address it?  Was there change when change was promised?
I’m an Activist and I feel it’s my duty to communicate the experience with Management and Corporate heads.  I speak to them directly, write letters as well as emails until I’m satisfied that I did my best to create change.    
The responses vary from being pro-active and genuinely concerned to the other extreme of having all my efforts ignored.

Remember the saying:
“It takes 100 No’s to get a Yes?”

The same goes for creating change.  It takes many attempts but that ONE change may be THE change needed to be a catalyst through out the industry.  You won’t know unless you try.

I want to hear your thoughts and experiences.  You may not be alone in this and know I’m here to help!  I’m good at “digging” and have more than a few resources in the community to help.

You can comment here OR Email me if you’d like to stay completely anonymous  **Please DO NOT disclose names/brands/corporation names.  You can email me directly with that information.

Maybe the first step is just speaking out!

Much strength to you all and KNOW that YOU ARE THE CUSTOMER and DESERVE respect  the moment you set one foot through an establishment’s door! 

Stay BBW Positive,

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  1. November 18, 2014 / 2:10 am

    I like that you bring up the store incident and that you responded strong and proud. I have had similar happen and my response was to pull out the 3,000 in my pocket and straight up say, "I was about to spend all this in here because I love your clothes, but I guess I have to go someplace else. Being that the prices of the clothing in that store was $20-$50 max per outfit, she quickly saw her mistake and tried to make things better. I responded by giving her a nice view of my then size 16 ass. (that actually fit into 12s if they were dresses, which is what I was there to purchase, and which the store had) I returned a few hours later with an empty wallet and two armfuls of clothing I had purchased elsewhere. "That is what you get for being sizist bitch!" and here is my phat ass AGAIN.

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