Valentine – SINGLES Edition: Invisible Boyfriend/Girlfriend

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What a GREAT idea!

Now… now… hear me out.  As a gal that has been single for  years and not having much luck in getting the “dating” going – this is quite interesting and unique.  I’m divorced with two kiddos that are my absolute WORLD and am not sharing that world with anyone.  Hence the reason why my dating isn’t taking off. Ha!
Not everyone thinks or lives like I do, and want to just share my own reasons why this service would work for those facing similar dilemmas.
No longer will I get the Aunts and Uncles giving me the “You should find someone.  It’s not a good thing to live alone once your children leave.”
Or my ultimate favorite: “You know there’s a lot of guys out there that like girls ‘your size’.”
Well, I know for a fact that there are people that find me attractive. Not just because of “my size” but because I’m a pretty awesome human all around.  Bwahahaahahaaa!  It’s just that now is not the time or have not found a person that jelled in to each other’s lives.

Soooo.. how better than to answer to these prodding questions with:

“Yes! I have a boyfriend! Don’t you worry your little selves about it.”  
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This service will provide text conversations and YOU choose from a multitude of cyber boyfriends and build their life according to your specs/choices.  You’ll have pics to share and text pings for those around you to see you’re doing well in the “relationship” area.  *wink!*
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This is new and are adding more services in the near future such as delivering flowers and gifts from your “boyfriend.”
AND there IS a cyber girlfriend for the men too!  Just scroll to the bottom of the “Home” page and click.  
I personally have not subscribed.  My family has learned to stop asking and just let me be… BUT I did submit my own selfies for them to use.  May my humble pics bring peace and happiness to another’s life.  
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**This write up is of MY OWN volition.  I was not asked OR paid/compensated to do this.  I feel very strongly on my support of this new concept and truly hope it works out for many people.  ­čÖé

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