Tropical in WINTER?! Why Not! (Outfit Of The Day)

Kiyona Portia Pin-Up Dress in Tropical Print

When it’s the gloomiest I have the strongest urge to wear BRIGHT COLORS!  I’m not one that likes gloomy or rainy days and like to wear my hot pinks and yellows on these days.  Color makes my day brighter and always have people comment on how bright I look while they have a new smile on their face.  Yes, I enjoy bringing smiles to people’s faces.

Kiyona’s Tropical Pin-Up Dress came in from my Gwynnie Bee Subscription and today’s gloomy morning SREAMED for me to wear it.  I was inspired to wear green and teal eye shadow to bring out the colors from the tropical print and was a great compliment to my brown eyes. **Featuring Pink Stiletto Cosmetics 

Most everyone smiled when they saw me and some game me compliments.  The wrap dress design is very complimentary to my curves and fit perfectly.  I was “feeling” myself in this dress and my poses for this shoot were much more defined.  The gathered material around the mid section helps draw away attention  from my tummy and the bodice was quite eye catching.  All in all I had lots of fun wearing it.

Measurements:   47-42-53   Height: 5’0
I wore the 1XL and was pefect for me.  For extra wiggle room, height or bust I would recommend the size larger.  It is currently available on line for $128.  I received mine through Gwynnie Bee Subscription which I LOVE and works within my budget!  You can try it FREE FOR 30 WHOLE DAYS and see if this “endless closet” of amazing pieces works for you by clicking:
Gwynnie Bee 30 DAYS FREE TRIAL Subscription 

May your gloomy days seem brighter and wear lots of color to defy it!

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