Torrid: Wonder Woman and Superman Sitting In A Tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G (Outfit Of The Day)

DC Comics Plus Size Fashion Via Torrid 

Whenever Torrid brings out licensed fashion you need to jump on it as it always sells fast.  This piece I was fortunate to find on Ebay and is a great casual look for those of us that enjoy these characters.  Sure, a shirt is always cute but a dress is even better!
Rarely do you get to see such prints offered in Plus Size and am glad that collectors and enthusiasts like myself are being offered such goodies.  I hope to see more collections released to add to my closet.  Lets face it, I can’t wear my Wonder Woman suit every day… no matter how much I would like to do so…. Ha!
The material is soft with a lot of stretch and the design is comfortable.  I personally would like a shift dress instead of elastic as my waist doesn’t fall at a normal place.  I tried adding a belt to reposition it but it covered up the heads of my characters – which I will not do.  I did add a short vest in a matching grey that defined my personal style but wanted to show you how the dress looked all on its own.
Remember, make it your own.  Mix it or wear it by itself.  What matters is that you feel AWESOME in it as I surely did!
Measurements;   48  –  44  –  53                                         Height:  5’0
I’m wearing size 3XL and it fit fine.  This design is no longer available but recommend to subscribe to Torrid’s site for new releases.  You can also follow me as I’m sure to share the info as soon as I see it on my feeds.  
There are a few pieces of various designs still offered on their site at the following link:
Follow my Instagram and Blog and I promise to add more comic book fashion offered in Plus Size as well as my creative ways to repurpose or make my own pieces for Cosplay and/or Halloween.  
P.S. I made my head band using my Wonder Woman belt buckle.  all I did was cut one of my comfortable elastic head bands and slide it in to place.  I used rubber bands to keep it in place and cotton to cushion the weight on my forehead.  This allows me to wear my buckle on a belt or any other creative way I find myself trying.  Re-purposing is the name of the game to get more bang from my dollar.
*Turns in circles and sing*  Wonder Womannnnn!!!!!!

Who’s your favorite character?  What would you like to see made as a Plus Size fashion?  Tell me… as I may have ideas on a DIY for you to make it happen.

Tight superhero/superheroine hugz and drop a comment if you will… that will be SUPER!  


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  1. May 21, 2015 / 5:30 pm

    You make Linda Carter proud! I love the whole look- the dress, glasses and the headband 🙂 Mujer Maravilla for the win! 🙂

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