To Be Honest … Dear Bloggers / Influencers and Readers

As you may have (or have not) noticed, I have been off on my blogging game here.  I’ve kept up with my Instagram, because to be honest, I receive more response on my work there than I do here.  I’ve noticed this trend for the past year and a half or so…. AND… it’s not just me!

If you’re a Blogger or Social Media Influencer I’m sure my words are ringing true for the majority of you.  It’s not you (or me) but just how readership has shifted.  I know it’s hard not take it personally BUT don’t!

On my own experience and review (and on my own Blog) it is expensive: timewise and product wise to try to keep up with the consumption speed by which readers need to be stimulated.  I’m at a new job and my photographers are at new schools (YES my kids are my talented photographers) PLUS motivating them to shlug us all to a photo spot is considered a horrid “chore” by my now High Schoolers!  Do you remember my original posts with this cute little faces?  They’re all grown up now and *Insert Horror Theme Song* TEENAGERS!  Where did time go!  Well, consider this last the biggest hurdle of them all.

I now rarely buy clothes for myself as I try to keep up with the demands of growing Teens and pretty intense fashion views… like “WHO’S ARE THESE KIDS REALLY?!” You and I know I have some fashion sense but NOT in my children’s eyes *Throws arms up in the air!*

Yes, life and blogging was put on hold and viewing the history on my blog – it’s been more than a few months since.  I am here to say:


The silver lining of it all is, my Instagram has kept the ties strong with my strongest supporters AND I enjoy sharing my life, my purchases, my Faves and the seldom times I share my grief… because LIFE!

The goal of living off my Blog wasn’t one for me – if it is for you, GO FOR IT.  There’s nothing wrong with what your goals should and could be.  That’s the thing that many of us forget: To ENJOY ourselves and the moments we are sharing.  Make it as simple or as complicated as you choose them to be, but just make sure it’s your choice!  Don’t let the sparkle fade too much okay?!

Where I stand:

My sparkle is Poofing on and off and I will take advantage of the spurts of creativity I do find myself stumbling upon to come in here and share.  It may be more about thoughts and life, but will assure you it is HONEST and TRUE.

Are you with me?  Tell me I’m NOT the only one facing this inpass?

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