The Little Book Of Big Babes GIVEAWAY!

The Little Book of FAT BABES

What if there was a book of Big Babes around the world that advocate for self-love, acceptance and FATshion?!  Well, there IS!!!

It was a small project that turned BIG and am thankful for all the work put in by Rachelle Abellar to bring it to print.  I am honored to share space with other Lovelies that came together from around the world.  I can only IMAGINE what impact such a book would have made for that little chubby teen that I was many decades ago….

“Choosing to be visible in a world that would prefer fat people hide their bodies is a remarkable act…” – Rachelle Abellar, Author of “The Little Book of BIG BABES”
Here it IS and it’s a MUST HAVE by any gal/guy wanting to connect with activists, bloggers and FATshion from around the world.  I invite you to FOLLOW and SUPPORT all of these ladies and the 1,000’s more that are standing together with CONFIDENCE and BEAUTY.

Grab a copy for yourself, your loved ones and your Local Library!  Teens and Adults should have access to such strength.
Purchase copies at:

I’m also doing a GIVEAWAY of one copy by entering my RaffleCopter form below!

How awesome is this?  Do you have other Plus Size Books you recommend?  Comment below!

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