It’s DECEMBER – One of my FAVORITE times of the year to show those around us how much we appreciate them.

YOU are ALL amazing for coming to this page that my children and I have built for you.  For that I am doing a very special Giveaway EXCLUSIVELY to Members!  Are you ready for this?!

ALL you have to do is SUBSCRIBE RIGHT NOW.  The subscription box is on the RIGHT side of this screen  ====>>>>>   

If you don’t see it please make sure you’re logged in through your web browser  to see the full page.

I’ve already sent a personal email to My current Subscribers/Members and a few have responded with such beautiful words that brought tears to my eyes.  I can’t tell you how much it means to me!

If you haven’t SUBSCRIBED… do so NOW!  Don’t miss this  GIVEAWAY.

<3 Thank you for showing LOVE to our work!  <3

– MizLiz & the Kiddos

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