STOP Shaming -EVERY Form of it! (Anti-Bullying Campaign)

Shaming IS Bullying!

I’m the FIRST to shake my fist in the air and say.. I AM FAT.. I AM PROUD! There’s nothing wrong with such empowering words. Don’t be afraid to SCREAM them for all to hear…. BUT… just as we EXIST in this world so does EVERYONE ELSE.

Stop the NEGATIVITY… STOP picking up the STONES that were thrown at us, bouncing off our round bodies covered with tears from our eyes… JUST STOP!

NO GOOD comes from down talking, labeling nor TELLING other Humans how THEIR bodies should be.. Criticizing them on HOW to live THEIR lives… Making fun of how they CHOOSE to express themselves through clothing, skin ART, piercings… or WHOM they LOVE!

Coexisting (Per Wikepedia):
1. To exist together, at the same time, or in the same place.
2. To live in peace with another or others despite differences
HOW can speaking NEGATIVELY of others make YOU Happy? HOW can that EMPOWER you? I don’t get it!

The world has more than ONE WAY of living. It even provides ways to Mute/Block/Delete certain aspects in life. It’s there for YOU for YOUR comfort level… TRUST ME… There’s NOTHING WRONG in USING them!

What IS WRONG is writing, saying and doing bad against a person(s)or entities. The world is HUGE, we ALL are HERE to live in it. There’s NO EXCUSE for any NEGATIVE words and/or actions to graffiti what the rest of us call HOME. Respect it as you would your own… Respect it as you would your Mothers, Siblings, children etc…

Simple concept…

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