Sadness Cosplay (Inside Out)

Sadness: Compassionate and Smartest of the Emotions

When the kiddos and I recently watched “Inside Out” we fell in love with Sadness! Her shyness and sensitivity made her easy to connect.  Add her beautiful fullness and I just KNEW I had to Cosplay this cute little one.
If you haven’t watched this animation you are missing out.  Great for the older kiddos – mine are teens – as it touches on a few very strong emotions that many of the younger children may not quite understand.  Still a great family movie none the less.
I don’t wear sweaters or white due to my being always too warm and a magnet to stains, Ha! Trying to find a plus size white turtle neck sweater was near impossible during the Summer.  I checked everywhere and had to improvise as the ones I did find were way beyond my tiny budget.   
I found a cable knit sweater at a second hand store for a few dollars.  I  cut the sides, arms and around the neck – long enough to tuck in to my slip. I found this pretty lightly lined dress that worked perfectly to layer on top of the mock turtle neck I made.  
The over sized glasses I found on Ebay and popped the plastic lens out.  I also found the blue water based airbrush makeup there.  I’m new to air brushing and couldn’t layer enough of it to get good coverage and decided to use my makeup sponge.  It was very easy to apply a wet makeup sponge.  I sealed it with “Model In A Bottle” (in my daily makeup kit) which kept it from running as I sweated in this hot summer day.  My “Electric Pallet” has a high pigmented blue shadow that I used to completely cover my eye  lids and under eyes.  I also brush the shadow around my eyes and nose so my wrinkles and oily areas didn’t crease or eat up the blue makeup.  
This wig is fun to wear all on its own and is very affordable.  I found it on Amazon and was at my door in no time.
Cosplay is fun for me.  My kiddos are still a little embarrassed and not ready to join me on this adventure BUT you should see them laughing during these photo sessions!  I have a few blurry pictures from their chuckling and know they’ll be telling stories to my grand-babies of their crazy Mom that dressed up like cartoon characters and made them take pictures of her.  Then they can show them the collection that is slowly growing.
Costuming can be expensive but when you have a tiny budget, as I do, it’s very fulfilling “pulling it off” under $50!  I have enough blue paint for a few more applications and can wear this dress and wig as my regular fashion.  Repurposing your pieces in to your normal life always puts a smile on your face and pockets.

Let me know what you think and what other characters you’d like for me to try!  

The following are the links to the pieces (or similar) that I used to achieve this look.  Practice makes perfect so don’t give up if it doesn’t turn out the way you envisioned it.  best of all… keep creating memories that will bring a smile for years to come.
Wolfe FX E Flow Makeup (Blue) 070  $6.00  <<<CLICK HERE>>>
Giant Round Eyeglasses  $8.50  <<<CLICK HERE>>>
Blue Wig  $14.00  <<<CLICK HERE>>>
White Turtle Neck Dress (Similar)  <<<CLICK HERE>>>
Model In A Bottle Makeup Setting Spray *It’s AMAZING!  <<<CLICK HERE>>>

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