A Room For Inspiration!

I am a human with OSMOSIS tendencies.  I enjoy pretty things, very bright and impacting things to be exact! On my worst you’ll find me wearing the most vibrant of clothing and makeup.  It makes me smile and sink in to my core and change my “Bleh” moments to a “Life Is Truly Nice” moments.
For this reason I enjoy spending hours collecting pictures, quotes and stories in “Pinterest” immensely.  I come across so much visual stimulation that it gets my juices flowing.  Tackling D.I.Y. projects is an inexplicable pleasure!
At this moment I have a large empty spot in my bedroom   -(once I cleared up the clutter) – that is screaming for a purpose.  I came across a beautiful room that I can imagine myself typing for hours on end.  Yes!  Hot Pink and Black are one of my favorite of colors along with animal prints. Ha!

While devising the supplies I will need to mimic the room I came across the Art Work of a great Facebook Friend, Kris Owen (Kris Owen’s Website).  She has such beautiful talent and just HAD TO contact her for a piece to place in this spot.  She drew the Art Work on the right and found BEAUTY and EMPOWERMENT EXUDING with every stroke.  This particular piece has gone to a new owner but Kris promises to make a custom piece just for me!
What do you think???
I will follow up with pictures of my finished room in the coming months.  I PROMISE!

**The link will take you to her full information and more links to be in contact with her.

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