Roller Skating at 40!

I planned my Son’s 12th BDay party at the roller link.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to join the young ones and put on a pair or roller skates since I haven’t done so in over 20 years!!!

Best idea like ever!  We had a BLAST!  The kiddos had a ball and us parents couldn’t stop laughing.  After my 3rd lap around the rink I had my skating skills all come back.  My kiddos jealousy grew every time I passed them or when they see me smiling while they’re getting themselves off the floor.

Now who’s Birthday party was this?  I don’t know who had more fun, the children or myself.   I’ve forgotten how great it felt to have the wind from your own motion hit you in the face… AND the heart stopping fear of when you’re about to fall!

I was LUCKIER than most of the parents out there…. I had good balance and strong thighs to keep my little round body from bouncing on that floor.  My skate lace came undone on a turn but was able to glide on one skate and save my tush and tuck my lace in to my sock.  It was CLOSE and the thought of seeing myself eat it in the middle of the rink made me think fast Mwahahahahaaaa!

My Son and his friends only brought out their phones to take pictures of each other and gobbled down some pizza and icecream cake and couldn’t wait to get back on the rink to increase their skating skills.  Now, to have technology take the back seat to some good, clean ‘ol fashion fun makes THIS MAMA Proud!

The kiddos have asked to be taken back to roller skate soon and after the amount of workout I just had I look forward to joining them.  MAYBE they will beat me this time…. MAYBE.

Here’s to GREAT family memories and the amazing service we received by the staff at:

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