Retro-PinUp Stripes With A Dash of Ruched.. OH MY! (Outfit of the Day)

Classic Retro Is My FUN Look!

This is my natural style… letting my frizzy hair do it’s thing without any hair products and only the help of my favorite red flower pinned to the side.  Slapped on my retro red lipstick and high tipped my eyebrows dramatically for an added effect.
I found both the blouse and the ruched skirt “gently used” from a group in Facebook and had these gorgeous “red lips” retro shoes stored away from Torrid’s shoe sale this summer.   I believe I snagged them for less than $10 as they were discontinuing the design.  Also, the black metal “lace” necklace was a Facebook group find. 

My confidence level goes way off its needle when I dress in my element.  This design is so CUTE and chisels a few decades off my 40 years of age.  The shirt is soft and stretchy and the ruched skirt goes perfectly with the stripes as well as very figure flattering.  As I walked around Downtown running errands for the office people gave me bigger and brighter smiles.  One lady actually ran across the street to stop and tell me how much she love my outfit.  Now that makes for a great start to any day.

As mentioned these items are “gently” used and the owners had them for a few years prior to selling them to me. The closest look I could find are the following:

The following are links to plus size striped blouses on Ebay:
Black & White Striped Blouse 1X-3X Under $20

The following is a ruched style skirt:
*Keep your eye out on Ebay and the clothing exchange groups on Facebook.  That’s where I find some great pieces at unbelievable pricing and one of a kind pieces.
I can’t wait to pull out another Retro Look to wear with my red lipstick shoes and share with you here! Please share your favorite retro pieces with me and will be honored to feature you here.

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