R2D2 Mashup with Disney, Wonder Woman and Princess Leia (Starwars Fever!)

R2D2 Fun!

Dressing in your favorite characters is a treat.  Finding pieces that make it a breeze to be creative is the ultimate fun for this gal here.
Recently I was searching through Ebay for an outfit to add to my “theme” collection.  You know, the character role play that one can wear to a special day/event?  In my case it was the Starwars movie last December and you saw how the Starwars Fever had taken hold!
Finding pieces that are not only comfortable to wear, fun and in Plus Size is at times difficult to find.  Keeping my eyes open for such pieces that are within my tiny budget is always a scavenger hunt.  Sure, there’s amazing costumes out there that I would LOVE to own, but my eyes are much larger than my pockets.  Well, it makes finding costume pieces even more valuable for me and has me think outside the box too.
This dress was a steal and it was not only comfortable, but it fit perfectly.  During my same internet searching I cam across the adorable R2D2 Mickey hat and bada boom bada bing it was a match… and they both arrived at practically the same time.
This inspired me to do 3 looks.  One in just my Princess Leia hair style, a second in my Wonder Woman Tiara and the 3rd in my Mickey Ears hat.
Which brings me to my next question… what would I call the mash ups??  Like, LeiR2D2?  R2D2Wonder??  Mouse-erteer?   Ha!  I’m HORRIBLE at names as you can tell.  Do leave suggestions on the comments PELEASE.
I was sooooo ready for the opening night of Starwars and it was a fan favorite while watching it 4 times that season!  The whole point of dressing up is to have FUN and to express yourself and the love for these things your way.
*Insert Starwars Theme Here*
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