Prom 2015! Making Young Girls Dreams Come True

Me and my Makeup Bags….

I watched this young lady grow up and it’s amazing seeing her confidence grow in leaps and bounds in these past two weeks that I have been working with her.  I don’t believe she saw all the beauty my good friend (her Mother) and I had seen all along.  It was an honor to bring her Prom dreams in to reality.
Reyna and her best friend showed me many pictures of makeup and hair they’d like to wear for their prom.  With the help of my Daughter, that will ride on this experience until her own prom days, we’ve achieved each look.  My Daughter kept saying “Mom, why are they growing so fast?!  I miss them!”  It truly was a bitter sweet moment for all of us as we chatted, laughed and grunted through my hair iron burns and our frustration in gaining a “twin” eyebrow and winged liner, ha!
Here are a few pictures I was able to snap from today’s whirlwind in getting these ladies ready for their prom.  As I left my friend’s home we both chimed in on how important and impacting this has been for the girls.  They were shown love by friends and family that will always stay in their memories and give them strength as they grow in to adulthood.
Would you like to share some of your own prom pics of you or your children?  Email them to me and will be happy to do so!

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