Pinstriped – Retro Finds (Outfit Of The Day)

I’m on that Retro kick and LOVING it!  I found the tube top dress and the jersey knit shirt “gently used” on line.  The shoes were found by a friend on the other side of the Nation for $5.  The red belt is also from a set of “gently used” items that I cam upon.  All in all this whole outfit with the flower came out to less than $30 Shipped!
To make this tube top dress work appropriate I wore the black shirt under it.  The day hit 85 degrees and would be too warm to wear a short jacket comfortably.  The blouse was a perfect choice.

Confession:  As confident as I am at this point of my life I do work up the nerve to wear “body con” designs. On THIS day I dug deep and was in the moment from there forward.  
I searched the internet for this dress but couldn’t find it but I’ve included  links to similar dresses and looks below…  
The following is the exact blouse I wore:  I’m wearing a Size 1XL but would wear a larger size for added room.  Steady Clothing has an AMAZING array of vintage pieces and their sizing starts from baby clothes to 3XL.  I need more pieces from this site!

I am so proud of my Son’s ever increasing photography skills.  While I edited he asked, “Mom, did I take good pictures?”  I think he takes AMAZING pictures <3


  1. November 10, 2013 / 4:12 pm

    I am not a fan of the key hole neckline fashion. I have very broad shoulders and I feel this look exaggerates that feature too much on me. That being said, this looks great on you, The splashes of red really make this outfit pop and the shoes are incredibly cute.

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