Peplum is our friend.

Striped Top Peplum Dress

I know that many of you have a fear of the “Peplum!”  DO NOT fear it.. Peplum is our friend.  I’m chuckling as I’m writing this…

Many of my friends are afraid to wear peplum. Their belief is that the added material on our already full waist would only add bulk.  I in turn see this design as a GREAT way to emphasize a higher waist cut that will TAKE OFF inches from our waist and hide our tummies – for those of use that have one.  

Peplum is a great statement piece.  Add stripes or design to the top with a dark bottom, and you will create an allusion of sophistication with a VAVA VAAHH BOOM – per my opinion!  If you fear it, try on a top or dress and take a pic of yourself wearing it from ALL angles.  I hope you see what I see:     BEAUTAAYYY!!!
Here’s another “Gently Used Fashion” piece that I found.  It is very comfortable and I always receive compliments when I wear it.  Like my other pieces, I can dress it up or down.  In these pics I was wearing it at my place of work, so pearls were in order as well as my trusty pointy flats.  The checkered glasses were also a delight to play with on this short photo shoot taken on my break!  I found them in used condition in an online clothes swapping group.

Measurements In this pictorial:  47-42-53   5’0 Tall and 240lbs

Dress Brand:  Libian
Size: 3XL Junior
Similar dress found at the following link: Dress
Glasses: 2nd Hand Group – No Name brand but found them at the following link: Glasses

A big GRACIAS goes out to my good friend “Oldman Purdy” from “Wipeout,” for capturing my goofiness on camera to share with you all!

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