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The kiddos and I have been learning photography for a couple of years now.  It started with an inexpensive digital camera that a Facebook friend found at a yard sale for me at $20!  As my blogging became a little more intense we upgraded to our first “real” camera – The Nikon D100.

Even though it is a dinosaur in comparison to the new versions now available it was another great find from the professional photographer that I worked with at my last job.  It was temperamental and we took 100’s of pictures for each session to choose 5-10 pictures that worked.  It also weighs a ton!  Yet, the water color backgrounds we at times achieved are beyond gorgeous and well worth the sweat and tears.

Last year I invested in our first new SLR camera – the Nikon D3300 in red.  I decided to stay with what we were familiar with and found a great deal that wasn’t too hard on our tiny budget.  It is light and easy to use as well as creates crisp pictures that need very little editing.

Recently I came across an advertising for a “3D Camera” Lytro Illum.  I was intrigued to learn more and discovered that it was offered as a rental for $17/day (plus tax, shipping and optional insurance.)  I thought this would be fun to liven up the kiddo’s interest in photography – let’s face it, when we do 3 shoots a week it took a lot of eyebrow beating to keep them working with me… plus added computer time and cell phone helped.  Ha!

The box came in and the kiddos opened it like if it were Christmas.  As expected, they were excited to work with this new camera and see what this 3D output was all about.  I watched a few tutorials, downloaded the free program designed for this camera’s application and taught the kiddos how to use it.

I planned our first “Dia De Los Muertos” shoot for my blog for this very weekend in order to use this camera.  It took us a few tries but we captured some amazing pictures.  The detail is more intense than our Nikon D3300 in both the normal “jpg” files as well as the “living pictures” I was able to create with the “Lytro Illum” program.  It was the perfect touch for our feature which I can’t wait to share with you on our next post!

The camera was easy to operate for us, since we’re experienced SLR users and the tutorials really helped.  The pivoting touch screen also is great for special angles that are recommended for more impacting “3D Pictures.”  It will require a bit more use and experience with the program to gain optimum results but am very impressed with the unit itself.

Now, I did worry as there was no strap to hook on to the camera to make sure it doesn’t slip from our hands.  It has a large lens, which is needed to create the 3D effects and this makes for a heavier than our normal SLS camera.  It didn’t come with a flash unit which did have us move to brighter areas and that would add to the girth and weight of the unit.  The picture files are large and glad a 64MG memory card, just remember to save your files and delete them once they’re safely stored.

Pricing is between $650-$1,300 – per my internet search.

I enjoyed the opportunity to try a new life in photography and am glad it is offered by “Lumoid” for us to expand our portfolio and photography skills.  Lumoid is cost effective, professionally packaged/shipped and has a great selection of various camera’s, photography equipment (lenses, gear, lights), and drones to help us photographers reach new levels no matter if we’re novice or professional.  They also offer the option to buy and give you a percentage of credit towards your purchase based on the rentals you’ve contracted with them for the year.  Now that’s awesome!

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Don’t miss our “3D Photos” from our “Dia De Los Muertos” (Day of the Dead) photo shoot coming up on my next blog.  See how we did working on this new invention.

Here’s a sneaky peek of one of the pictures the kiddos took.  Awesome right?!  What do you think?  Are you ready for this new camera?

*Hover your mouse over the “Living Picture” and click on the area you’d like to be your focal point.  This is another feature offered by the Lytro site.  Awesome right?!

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