Non-Techie: Cable Modem WiFi Router by ARRIS

When our internet (WiFi)/cable bill kept going up and our connection getting slower I decided to take action and ARRIS SBG6700-AC came to the rescue!

I’m techie challenged… meaning, you will need to walk me through the explanation on what it is I need and how to make it work.  Being a blogger and gaming family our internet is like oxygen to us now.  Running 3 cell phones, tablets, laptop, computer and gaming system is a typical day in our home – as it is in many homes.

My journey began in working to bring down our cable/internet bill.  I had been “renting” the cable company’s equipment for the past couple of years.  I had planned to buy my own modem/wifi equipment and just never got around to it.  Now was the time and not only did I change our cable package deal but went out to hunt for new equipment.

After trying out a “mid-point” dual modem/WiFi router it came out short on speed and connectivity.  I worked with my cable company’s customer service and the equipment manufacturer’s techs.  Turned out I needed a stronger signal as our house is old and has walls from plaster – which uses metal mesh to keep it together.  Metal walls drives the WiFi signal crazy and limited as I soon found out.

Back to the store I went and the store’s Tech Rep was very knowledgeable and showed me a few options for not only my price points but also making sure the dual Model/Router would meet our needs.

SBG6700-ACARRIS SBG6700-AG was my final choice.  Here’s my Non-Techie Understanding:  It has AC1600 which translates the channels that are open to Upload and Download speeds.  The regular home user (and what my cable company had “rented” to us) is half of this band width.  No wonder our “internet” was slow even though we were paying for “fast” internet speed.  We were running high octane gas on a moped, placed in simpler terms.

The moment I had my ARRIS  Modem/Router ready to go we were running a decade faster… literally.  The cable company’s modem was still using last decade’s technology.  Ugh!  No Bueno for this high internet/WiFi user family.

I recommend this router for Medium/High usage or for those that want to get the speed that they’re paying for from their cable provider.  There is some steps you will need perform to set it up but once it’s up and going you’re done!  I  found this model on sale for $139+tax.  Retail Price is $150.00.

First step:

Go to a vendor that has a knowledgeable Tech Rep if you aren’t sure what your needs are.  Also, most stores have 14-30 Day return policy in case it doesn’t work out for you.  Make sure you keep the box and it’s contents intact along with your receipt.

Once you get this home:

Call your internet provider before you disconnect anything when you get home with your equipment.  Use your cell phone if you have phone service with them as you will need to stay on the phone while they connect and disconnect the equipment from their end.

Have your laptop/computer ready to set up the Modem/Router.  Your cable company will walk you through on connecting and testing the line.  Be ready to call the Manufacturer, as I did, as there are errors the cable company may encounter and/or make.

If you have phone services being provided by your cable company:

Purchase a “Splitter” and connector lines from your local electronics store (I found mine at Radio Shak).  The connectors (cable lines) can now be tightened to the “cable box” that contains the phone connector and the other to the Modem/Router.  Splitters can be purchased with 2 or more outputs depending on your needs – such as a gaming box, computer and/or cable box.  The Tech selling these items can best inform you what you need and how to connect this.

The following are link is the Technical Details on the Manufacturer’s Site:  <<<Techie Details Click Here>>>

Here’s a GREAT video on explaining in more detail on video format that I found on Walmart’s Page:  <<<FOR VIDEO CLICK HERE>>>

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