NERD ALERT! Unboxing Of My FIRST Nerd Block!

Nerd Block “Classic” – 80’s Edition

As you recently seen, I am ALL about superheros, villains, comics and ooohhh soooo 80’s!  One of my Facebook friends shared a link on “Nerd Block” and decided to try it out.  And Oooohhh Myyy Gaaaaahhhhhhhsssssssshhhhh!!!

I have to confess, the box sat at my “blogging” pile through these weeks of turmoil in my life.  My position was eliminated after 5 years with the company, even though I was preparing for it I didn’t expect it to happen as rapidly.  I went in to job hunting mode and the world sort of stood still in other aspects of my life – including my regular blogging.  I’m happy to say that I have completed my first week in my new job and am brewing a couple of tid bits for my near future… so… YAY!  
As my Son repeatedly asked me WHEN I was to FINALLY open the Nerd Block, for weeks even… I decided to unveil it today.  Now WHY did I wait this long to do so?  Ha!  
It was such a treat to have some of my beloved 80’s icons in this pretty box.  There was a mug I actually had on my to buy list for my new job coffee musts.  The limited edition “Back to the Future” shirt.  “Ghost Busters” Ecto 1 is AWESOMENESS.  I also needed a book to read during my work breaks and there it was the best seller by Kevin Smith.  It was as if DESTINED to meet every need while on my path of a new job.  Talk about WOW!  
The kiddos now have a “Nerd Block” I’m surprising them this month with!  I chose the subscriptions that are age appropriate and to match their interest.  It’s exciting and can’t wait to see what our boxes will be filled with.  It’s always a surprise and who doesn’t love these types of surprises?!

There are a few subscriptions to choose from AND you can change them each month (price change may take affect.)  There’s also an added discount for multiple subscriptions.  I am still smiling from the pleasure of it all and recommend this service for just about anyone that enjoys such “Nerdy” things.  
Start at $11.99 (PLUS SHIPPING) when prepaying for 12 months or choose a monthly charged subscription that runs about $30 for Deluxe boxes.  There’s also 3 and 6 month subscriptions for added savings and shorter commitments.

P.S. This box is “Unisex” and the size I’m wearing is “Adult 1X”
My Measurements:   48  –  44  –  53

Subscription information:

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