Mynt1792 Closet Finds (Outfit Of The Day)

These pieces are my Fashionista finds through out this past year and a half.  I like collecting pieces that are unique and timeless.  This blouse and skirt are exactly that.  A flair of retro/vintage that I can spike it up for my favorite look:  Classic Punk!

The bad part of this is that they’re no longer available.  These were sitting at the back of my closet and just had to share the look with you all.  As a petite Plus Size gal I have a hard time finding a trumpet skirt design that will work with my bubbly body.  I decided to share this look to inspire other ladies facing the same dilemma.
The trick for this shorty is:  Wear this cut as a “high waist skirt!”  Don’t be afraid to pull it up over that bubbly section of our waist just a tad and the length is PERFECT in highlighting our curves and rump!  I tucked in the beautiful blouse which I also tucked the neck tie in to my bra.  I have a short torso and a non-existent short neck.  To elongate my torso I opted for the V-neck look instead of using the ties on the neck.  
A sea-foam teal is gorgeous on most skin tones.  I played out the color in to my eye lid and decided on a soft pink lip gloss.  My punk piece are the large metal hoops with spikes.  I truly enjoyed this look.
Mynt1792 has classic designs mixed with a contemporary style.  Most everyone’s can find a piece that will update or revamp their current wardrobe.  Sign up for added discounts and current sales.  I just know I will be enjoying my pieces for years to come.


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