My Son The Photographer (

As many of you know, my Son is my dedicated blog photographer.  We started working together this past Summer and his skills have grown by leaps and bounds – as you can see from each blog post since.  

We go out scouting for a spot and think on the lighting and the background that best works with the outfit I’m wearing that day.  Sometimes we jump fences or hike to the spots… worrying if someone is going to come out and yell at us, HA!  We do this 1 -3 times a week and do it after we drop off my Daughter at her school as her classes starts before his.  Can you believe we do all our work between 8 – 8:30 a.m.?  It’s true… I slap on some makeup and we are off hurrying through poses.  
There are days we both are just not feeling it and we go hiking or take a nap instead…. I won’t lie!  While I’m working on my makeup we have intense talks about life OR just sing to our favorite songs.  It has become one of my FAVORITE memories and can’t wait for my when my Daughter can join us.
Diego is turning 12 on Monday and one of my presents to him is his own website to display his photography skills.  He’s quite excited and has been taking pictures of birds and scenery to add to it.  I’m so happy that he’s found this hobby rewarding and hope he continues with it!
Today we had lots of fun and had to share this sneak peek…  *His Site will be up in running in the next week!*

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