My Latina Hips Don’t Lie – In Plather! (Outfit Of The Day)

The Plather Skater Skirt…. I have seen this skirt and it’s always caught my eye.  First I thought I was to short to sport it – at 5’0.. OR… Too Old (Turning 40)…. OR… Had too much Latina hips to pull it off (53″ hips)…. THEN…

I said the HELL with it!  

I like the style AND it was ON SALE for $17 on ASOS this past Christmas.  Well here is MY Christmas gift to myself and I’m ROCKIN’ it!  I have to admit that I changed 4 times before deciding on this combination.  I would have worn tights but it’s in the 80’s this week in Souther Cali and that my dear was NOT going to happen.

For added comfort – for my own piece of mine- I wore my eShakti Chevron DRESS that I have previously blogged about.  

I wanted to feel I had something to covermyself with in the event there was a strong Santa Ana wind that decided to “pants” me… The Horror right?!    The dress tucked under the plather skirt afforded this added safety.

My black suede boots are a from a few years ago that I dug up recently.  went perfectly with an added edgy style.  Went big on my silver metal necklace and earrings.  With my hair down it’s hard to see my accessories and it just looked right.  

My Makeup was a little more intense… I really wanted to play today –  I will have a makeup review on the new this week.   My Son (The Photographer) really enjoyed today.  The concrete ruins and dirt must of brought it out ha!  So I posed as he’s saying: “Give me Wonder Woman!” and the “Think Animal… BEAST Mom!”  I was laughing louder than Santa with my Jolly Belly *Smile*
Measurements:   47 – 42 -53          Height:  5’0
Here’s the scoop on the skirt:

If you have a small derriere this skirt will give you the added size… same goes for those of us with a larger one.  The material is thick and heavy and the design is pleated.  I’m a short gal and it looks longer than it does on the model they have on line.  Keep this in mind… I wanted a skirt that wasn’t too long and ordered the Size 18 when I normally wear their Size 16 – as their designs are very giving.  
It’s currently still on sale for $17.24  Link:  Plather Saker Skirt – Asos
What do you think?  Have you tried this design yet?

Oh! I’ve included the pictures of my “Wonder Woman” and “Beast” pose that my Son directed me to do. 


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