My Hot Pink & Polka-Dot Affair (Outfit Of The Day)

Jessica Howard Ruched Polka-Dot Dress

The moment Gwynnie Bee sent me the email last week with this dress being added for their subscribers I was clicking and adding it to my cyber closet! I crossed my fingers that it would come on my next shipment and IT DID!  
If you’ve gone through my past posts in my “Outfit Of The Day” tab you will see I have quite an addiction for polka-dots.  I’ve always liked this print but only recently started adding it to my wardrobe.  I don’t know what it is about it that just makes me add a little extra pep to my step when I wear it.  Combining it with my favorite color of Hot Pink and it’s like I’m top of the world all of a sudden.
When I wore it for work today I tried to play down this somewhat formal dress with my hot pink military jacket.  I combined it with my hot pink mule and voilà – it worked out very nicely.  My coworkers did call me Princess throughout the day but that was a minor side effect of the awesomeness that is this dress… ha!

My make up was a natural pallet with a pop of Hot Pink pigments on my cheeks, eyes and lips.  I did play around with my jewelry and long chandelier earrings for an extra flair.  My Mother and I have a large collection of hand made Mexican shawls that we like to incorporate in to our outfits as much as possible.  There is a beautifully fringed hot pink shawl that I did my “señorita” look that I normally bring out for special events.  Most especially on a chilly day/night.
This is my 2nd Jessica Howard design and did fit me a bit long.  The dress is lined with an extra layer of mesh to help make the dress fuller.  I didn’t bring my petticoats for this shoot but would have added one to help bring the length a little higher and give it a more retro look.  Otherwise it was a dream to wear.  The material for the bodice/top has “some” stretch for comfort but not too much stretch and this helped to give it a more fitted look.  There’s a full back zipper but I didn’t have to use it as I was able to slip it on comfortably.  I wore the 16W which fit perfectly (minus the height.)
*Note:  Dress is “Dry Clean Only”
Measurements during this shoot:  47-42-53   Height: 5’0
I wasn’t able to find this dress for sale on line, but you can add it to your Gwynnie Bee subscription.  As mention on my prior posts Gwynnie Bee is comparable to a “Netflix” account. You pay a monthly membership and pick out items for your “cyber closet” and they ship out from those choices.  It’s a great way to add life to your current closet and try new designs and/or designers – as I have come to do.
Click on the following link for a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL:   
Gwynnie Bee FREE TRIAL
My hot pink military jacket has been in my collection for a few years.  I will post a link if I find a similar design.
Hot Pink Mules are currently on SALE for $11.50 at TORRID
Makeup is from my one and only Pink Stiletto Cosmetics.  Tell them MizLiz sent you and they will give you the full info on the products I am wearing.
Hope you’ve enjoyed my Love Affair and encourage you to start your own


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