My FIRST Vacation After 2 Years At My Job!!!

The BEST thing EVER is knowing you don’t have to go back to work for the rest of the week! LOL!

I will be at my 2 year mark with this company in September.  These 2 years feel like a DECADE from all the work I’ve done there.  The first year I reconciled 3 years of Accounting along with the current year.   The company was also hit with 3 server crashes that made my office my 1st home.

This 2nd year was filled with new processes and programs that I had to stumble through and make work on my own.  Stating that I have been at OPTIMUM stress levels would be putting it mildly.  My health was faltering and have to admit that I now have a hard time slowing my brain down to relax.  I don’t think I’m capable of it any more!

Taking time to slow down and breath is a new skill we ALL need to relearn.  I’m hoping my 4 day weekend will help me find a refreshing view on my life and world.  It is much over due since my 7 day work week for the past year and a half has worn me down.

I’m sure now you understand why I’m making such a big deal over my 2 days off!  Today’s the last  school day for my children.  Tomorrow they’re on a trip to a water park and I’m still trying to decide if I’m joining them.  Friday I have a day full of ideas… beach, movies, baking… whatever will leave a lasting memory for all of us.

Single Mama On A Budget is still on full force and requiring my creative juices run free… FREE.. being the OPERATIVE word.

Let the games… BEGIN!

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