My First Podcast! Autobiography Series

There’s something about change that invigorates me!  I am a creature of habit but when life feels a bit overwhelming change is a welcome distraction.  As loss hit our family hard this past year it gave me a ray of hope to try something new and exciting.  One can’t expect a new view on life if we don’t open the window to change.  I have wanted to Podcast for years now but life side tracked me from that goal.

First I changed my hair color for the first time.  I admit I’m not yet used to it then days that I love the little extra spice it adds to my look.  Then as I am fortunate to have new projects arise, at just about every interview and filming the producers and/or crew ask me why I am not out doing public speaking?  The truth is I work full time in my regular job and as the only provider to my family I am unable to take time off to commit to public speaking.

This past weekend I attended a large blogger seminar and while taking a break on a bench in the hallway of the hotel I was hit by inspiration.  I chatted away – unbeknownst to me – with an amazing podcaster!  I confessed my lack in techie skills and she promised me that if I visited her blog she had free and simple steps to start podcasting.  After resting and catching up on home and work I decided to visit her site and give this a try.

Last night I did it all!  I dug out my microphone and made sure it worked with my dinosaur laptop.  Opened her website and downloaded what she recommended and decided on podcast hosting at a tiny cost of $12/month and before I knew it I was ready to go!  Decided that now was a good a time as ever to record my first podcast.

I got comfy in my PJ’s  and clipped my microphone to it.  Meditated for a few minutes and dived right in head first.  Deciding to keep my podcast unedited was frightening yet invigorating at the same time.  I imagined myself sitting across a friend and shared impacting memories.  The microphone became that friend and soon melted in to the conversation.

I introduce to you my First Podcast – The fishing line that I am casting in the waters of change.  This series is Autobiographical with subject matter that may be triggers for some.  I will account on my life experience in hopes that it will give strength and light to those searching for it.

Please join me on this journey:

I owe a ton of gratitude to Michelle, that amazing soul that shared her expertise and gave me the kick start I needed.  Find her at:


Sending huge hugs to you all and comment below with your thoughts on my first podcast.



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