My Biopsy Was Not As Successful (Awareness)

As I continue through this path of regaining my health I have faced my first Biopsy to test for cancer.  Its one of the scariest 5 letter words around!

At first when the Doctors said this may be a possibility after checking my uterus and finding it abnormally swollen.  I was calm still as that is a good think – TO KNOW – BUT as the days grew nearer my nerves grew stronger.  Then the insurance co-payment hunt started :
– Are these procedures covered?
– How much am I required to pay out of pocket?
– HOW do I pay for all this???

Needless to say I was beyond my stress/worry limits by the time I was on that medical bed ready for my procedure!!!

My Day prior to my late afternoon procedure:

These are the times in my life I wish I didn’t grow up as an only child.  I wish I had a big family to lend me their strength and help with my children.  Another reason why I had two babies is for this very scenario – For them to have each other.

I have a very heavy work load during this time and I’m the only person that does the work I do in the Non-Profit that I work for.  To boot, it’s our “season” and at our busiest time of the year all the way through July.  I’m quite grumpy at work and have apologized to my coworkers for the extra grumpy Liz.

I had a few times of breaking through the day but I made it through without many tears.  I rushed through my work load and was running to the stairs and to my car by the time I was able to get away.  The kiddos weren’t at the rooms they were scheduled for at school and ran through the fields and classes in my heels.  *Note to self: bring my speed walking shoes with me next time

My children don’t know anything other than “I had a doctors appointment.”  While in the car my Son asked, “Honestly Mom, you’re not lying to us and this is really an appointment for YOU right?”

We quickly piled in to the car and headed to the Doctors office cities away – he was highly recommended and in these situations the BEST can make the difference between life and death.  We made it just on time…

As I leave my pre-teen children in the waiting room with strict direction to READ the books I made them bring and stay quiet I entered to the back room.  The nurse checks my weight and vitals… Not surprised I’ve lost 15lbs since my first appointment a month ago – I have very little appetite from the worry.. and definitely not surprised my blood pressure is very high.  I was a little annoyed that the nursed asked, “Are you nervous?”

Are you kidding me?  YES! I’m beyond nervous and had a very hard time about this most especially this week.  But all I did was smile and kept my inner outburst in check.  She asked if I wanted to use the bathroom before going in to the “special room?”  I said it’s a MUST!  I just HATE having “these” type of appointments at the end of the day.  I like to come in freshly showered and CONFIDENT that everything is in optimum order – Can you tell I’m a SUPER CLEAN FREAK? Well, I cleaned up as best I could in the restroom and head to the “special room.”

I was instructed to take remove all clothing items from the waist down and sit on top of the medical bed.  I quickly took a Pre-Procedure video clip to share with you on my Instagram and waited.  The Doctor came in asked how I was doing and showed me the medical tools they will be using for the biopsy.  He explained how he would clip a portion of my uterus areas and take out cells with this tiny stick that slides out at the end with a tiny “claw.”  I will be uncomfortable and will feel a bit of pinching, then some cramping.

Okay… I lie down, slide my pelvis down that bed and put my feet through the metal leg holders.  As I’m staring at the ceiling the doctor is explaining what is going on and when there was going to be the “pinching.”

It was more than a little uncomfortable and did my “breathing exercises” through the more painful parts of it.  All the while trying not to clamp my legs and punch the doctor in the face.  OYE!!!!

I hear him asking for more of those claw pieces – I knew at this point it wasn’t going well.  I then feel huge pain and he stopped and said it was almost over now.

As he extracts all the devices he explains to me, using the uterus chart on the wall behind me… that he had no issue taking cells from the one side of my uterus walls but there was a “blockage.”  That’s when I felt the most pain and didn’t want to force the “claw” in as that may rupture the lining of the uterus.  

So, we’re HOPING that he got in deep enough to grab the necessary cells and deep enough to reach the areas he needed them from.  Otherwise, I will need to have a more invasive procedure done to “scrape” my uterus and that requires a check in the hospital.  AAWWWKKK!!!

NOT what I want to hear you know?  I got dressed and did my Post-Procedure video and I look haggard.  I was still in some pain at the time.  I stayed in the room until my cramping lessened enough to walk and did take a couple of steps before heading to the waiting room to my children.  I must of looked as bad as I felt as my children asked if I was ok because I looked “weird.”

I somehow made the commute back home and so glad the kiddos kept to themselves because I didn’t have the energy to talk.

My discomfort continued through the night and feel a bit “bothered” this morning.  Glad it’s a Friday and look forward to the weekend to lay in my bed as I feel I can sleep the day through.  I can honestly say I feel as if a truck ran over me – this emotional stress is no joke. I’m willing myself to have a good day at work.

I am fund raising $750 to cover some of the out of pocket costs for these procedures.  Any contribution is greatly needed and appreciated.  Please share my donation page and story… it may save a life!

Para ARRIVA y ADELANTE!   I am fortunate to have the medical attention and KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE!  May I hear good news SOON.  The Doctor told me the lab work will take 5-10 days but will be contacted immediately if they find something “very abnormal.”  EEEEKKK!!!!  

I will update you as soon as I hear…

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