MizLizSecret #1 Series: #Giving40Hell

Picture Courtesy of: http://shewalkssoftly.com/category/valentines-day/page/3/

This 40th YEAR OF LIFE… I am sharing secrets that very few know OR have never been shared before…

MizLiz Secret#1: I am a professional BUTCHER…. 

I had patrons that traveled from the tri-states to take cooler full of specialty cuts from my meat market every 2-3 times a year.  There was a full window behind the meat displays that children and adults would watch me take out a full quarter cow and watch me as I made it in to their favorite pieces.

It’s weird yet interesting and bet not many of your friends can tell this story.  Eeeek!

I did this for a decade:
Ran the business, put myself through college, taught this skill to many in the Boyle Heights Area so they can pursue a well paying career.

I eventually donated the store to the “Mothers of East L.A.” and many more continued to gain skills in running a business and gaining butchering skills.

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