Middle Age.. It’s NOT 45 as I once thought!

Here’s a subject I rarely discuss because it’s seen NEGATIVELY and less than EMPOWERING.  BUT it’s a subject that gives ME EMPOWERMENT and STRENGTH…
So DON’T READ beyond this point if you can’t HANDLE IT!

What is YOUR Middle Age?

I have been shocked to finally sit down and think on the subject.  I knew I was getting old now that I’m 6 months away from my 39th BDay and seeing my hitting 40 as the bench mark to my life.

So I took the age that my Paternal Mother has passed and averaged it by the ages of my Aunt’s and Gma’s passing and living… The magic number is 55!  Eeeekk!
Sure technology and medicine is much more advanced now… as is my living in this country as opposed to the 3rd world country they were or are in.  So lets say this adds 5 years to my life span and brings it to 60yrs old.
MY middle age is 30!!!!  Awwwkkk again!!!!  Scary isn’t it?!

Without knowing during my younger years I set my dreams and goals to be met at age 30.  I Met EVERY SINGLE DREAM and GOAL… EXCEPT for the EVER LASTING ‘LOVE’ part… BUT I had MY version of my family, home and white picket fence.  EXCEPT that fence was an upscale fence around a mansion of a house per many  standards living the “American Dream.”
All that vanished with a real bad divorce *brings out the violin – which I did play Professionally* but will leave that story for another day…

Back to the subject at hand – I succeeded reaching my bench mark of MY middle age and life is forever changing.  I’ve realized that I’m on my SECOND WIND in this game called LIFE… and my boat has charted to a whole new course.

As I count the ever increasing count of grey strands that is crowing my raven hair, and view the laugh lines and the wrinkles on my face.  I can’t help but feel like a WARRIOR coming out victorious from a long battle.  Counting my winnings and raising my cup of defeat on the losses, because with every win there are many losses.  Why didn’t anyone tell me this all those years ago?
I lift my head up high and as I scoot my chair back to get up, I reach for my shield and armor to go in to battle again.  This time more SEASONED and a deeper sense and understanding of the goals I am to meet on my SECOND WIND OF LIFE!  My sails have been patched up and my vessel is ready to set sail.

BRING IT.. I AM READY to amaze myself once again.  YES!  Even in my “middle age!”

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