Meet My Son – The Photographer! Deigo’s Gallery (Amazing People)

Diego:  Age 12
Began Photography at age 11

My Son has been a HUGE piece to this blog.  Without his help I don’t think I’d be capturing all the fashion as it’s suppose to be captured.
I can’t say he volunteered for this job.  It can be quite demanding doing 3 shoots a week early in the morning or multiple change shoots on the weekend.  We don’t yet have a photo studio and we’re on Nature’s mercy for all our work.  
We’ve had quite a trial with our old camera.  At times too bright or too dark for it to work properly OR just not wanting to take decent pics even though we had perfect lighting conditions.  It’s really a trial and error and LOTS of editing skills developed in my part to be truthful!  Yet we make it work and we make it through.  Even through all the whining I at times have to deal with.  Ha!
My Daughter is also taking up photography and I regularly talk to them about the reasons behind this blog and the dedication I have placed to it.  They were upset that I dragged myself out of my bed rest to do a few shoots during my hysterectomy recovery and even more so during the many mornings I just didn’t feel well prior to this procedure.

As I told them:
“My images and/or words are sought by people that take strength from the confidence they see in my pictures.  I do it for me, for them (my children) and for all the ladies/men/teens that need to see me: short, round and HAPPY!”

We may not see a pay check from our hard work – HARD WORK is EXACTLY what this is – but we bring so much good to this world in doing so.

They agree!

I invite you to support his blog as this is now also a school project.  Root him on as he thinks I’m only “saying” he’s AWESOME because I’m his Mom!  Leave ALL the comments you are inspired to type and may our words lead my children to a better and brighter future.
Thank you and appreciate your continued support to my blog and my little family!  May we continue to bring even MORE great images of strength, beauty and perseverance.

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