MamaOnABudget: Let’s do some MATH – SAVE and Lower Our Expenses!

Making ends meet is the norm in many a household.  For a single Mother it’s even more intense when child support trickles in if that!
My hours were cut at work and am looking for a second job to help fill in the need.  The need to cut expenses became a MUST and being the numbers lady that I am I did some Math.

First I listed the “WANTS” – Items/Services that are NOT a necessity but can be cut back some how.  I listed the following:

Cell Bill                $ 90 x 12 Months =   $1,080/yr
Cable & Internet    $100 x 12 Months =  $1,200/yr
Lunch at Work      $ 60 per week       =  $3,120/yr
Pedi and Manicure $ 60 x 12 Months  = $    720/yr
                                                               $310/Month              $6,120/yr
Really hits you in the face doesn’t in????!!  Now the hard part is cutting these down as best we can.
I started with the Cable & Internet bill.  I called the provider to see if they can offer me a better deal.  Turned out I had the best they currently had so decided to go cold turkey on the cable.  We rarely watch it and can find our favorite shows on Netflix and Hulu, which I already have accounts for.  I opted to keep the Internet as I need it for work, home schooling and to find work!  
Next was cutting out my lunch money for work.  It was the BIGGEST “want” and it’s nice to splurge maybe once a week for “Tamale Friday” with the gals at work.  For the most part I stuck to my sack of rice, beans and chicken that I cook a pot at a time to take to work.  I talked to my favorite Greek Restaurant and they sold me a pint of their AMAZING dressing so that I can make my chicken salad a TREAT!  I stopped by “Cosco” and purchased my raw nuts by bulk to last me for the month as I eat them regularly as snacks and was spending way too much on the smaller containers at the Market.
The Cell Phone is a life line for my children and I.  I can’t cancel it but I was able to lower the plan and save myself another $20 on the bill.  I may venture out and cancel my Data Plan and see how I fare, being the cyber media person that I am!
I said GOOD BYE to my acrylics.  I love them dearly and will miss them immensely but I purchased a nail polish to keep them strong and help them grow.  With a bit of TLC I may one day have my own claws once again.  Even though I keep my Pedi’s fresh I can’t get the polished look and feel of a salon.  I did find a lower priced location that did a ‘decent’ job for $10 less and can live with that until further notice.
The children are doing their part and look forward to having their own yard sales and lemonade stands.  They’re too sweet and gotta nourish their Entrepreneur spirits!
It’s a good start and know I will find other ways to make that Dollar S-T-R-E-T-C-H!  One day at a time and looking forward to quite an ADVENTURE!
Slapping on that Red Lipstick Smile and keeping that head held HIGH!!!!

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