Mama On A Budget Tip: Repurposing Bags!

I have a HUGE fascination with bright makeup, as most women do!  As a single Mother the budget for such LUXURIES are tighter than tight.

To save time each morning I carried my makeup in either a thick plastic bag or baggies so that I could put my face on at my job’s parking lot – after dropping off the children at school. Rummaging through the one bag was very frustrating to say the least.  My budget has no room for a nice makeup bag that would cost a minimum of $20.

On Friday I went to have my eyebrows threaded.  I decided to see what deals “Ross” had since it was across the street since I had nothing to do for the evening.  In doing so, I came across the cutest little lunch bag that had my name ALL over it!  If you’ve been following me long enough you would notice my infatuation with Hot Pink and Polka Dots.  This cute thing only cost $6 and was big enough for my makeup collection.

I quickly sorted my makeup in the bag and found that the top pocket of the lunch cooler worked PERFECTLY for my supply of eye lashes.  I was able to fit my makeup brush set, my color pallets and my prized collection of “Pink Stiletto Cosmetics.”

Repurposing bags and other items is a very satisfying goal for this Mama On A Budget!

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