“Kiyonna” Portia Pin Up Dress in Leopard Print *ROAR!* – Outfit Of The Day

I was Rooooaaarrrinngg.. They were Roaarrriinngg… with this Va Va-Boom dress!  

It is very well made and has a soft but sturdy feel to the material.  There’s a black sheath underneath for added texture and hugged every curve on my little round body to PURRRRR-FECTION.

The burgundy-red edging detail works great with this animal print and the sweetheart cut brought out my inner Goddess in full animalistic bloom.  I paired it up with my 3 strand white pearls and my comfy/trusty metal toe heels for work.  I would dress up this great dress with matching burgundy high heels in retro style and a BLING on my wrists and neck, along with a nice 1940’s up-do.. some ruby red lips and… well you get my gist.

The dress made me look as if I were wearing one of my corsets/waist cinchers even though I opted for a comfy – let my body free mode – due to the 95 degree weather!  Now imagine it with such devices and I truly believe I would of had some more marriage proposals if I had.

This dress came in my GwynnieBee subscription box.  I swear it’s like CHRISTMAS each time I have one of their boxes delivered!  This service allows for me to wear dresses from designers I’ve never tried before.  I can try out their clothes and find the correct sizing and style for me WITHOUT the commitment of buying it.  Then when I find a piece I want to keep I contact GwynnieBee to purchase the item(s.)  Think of it like a “Netflix” account.  You put items on your list that you want to “rent” then they will ship out the item(s) from that list at the quantity you signed up for.  You should try it and see if it works for you as it has for me!
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Dress Size 2X – Recommend going 1 size down for this cut/style as it’s very stretchy.  My 5’0 frame couldn’t fill in all the material but still pulled it off.
Designer/Site:  Kiyonna
Price: $128 BUT if you register on their site you get 20% OFF
   – OR –
Put it on your GwynnieBee selections!

*Please share your experience and/or pictures in this dress… I would LOVE to feature you here.*

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