Keeping My Family’s Life Line Cared For With Quaker State

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As we sat at the bus and train stops we watched with envy the families that passed by in their family cars.  We were fortunate to have public transportation to get us to school, work, doctors appointments and run the needed errands.  Yet standing under the rain or in high heat with my tiny children I looked forward to one day have our own car and not worry on bus and train schedules.  

Being homeless didn’t make matters any better.  After the recession I finally found a job and my first goal was to get a roof over our heads and took 3 buses and 3 trains to achieve getting us to school, work and food pantries. Not having a car was always an added stress and getting to life needed resources at times weren’t possible without one.

Once I reached my first goal (getting a roof over our heads) my next one was being able to finally purchase a used Toyota Corolla in 2011.  It was a freeing moment when we finally had our own transportation.  We spent many an evening having dinner at the beach and discovering cities we’ve never been to before!  I can’t explain how validated I finally felt having our own car once again after loosing everything… literally everything…

We never forgot what it was to be in need and feel hunger.  We are fortunate to have a home, food, car and job and make it a goal to feed those in need at least once a week by giving out lunch bags at the homeless camp near my job.   My car’s trunk serves as our make shift table for our assembly line for the lunch bags we give out.

We no longer live in Long Beach and commute from the home I grew up in East Los Angeles, as I now care for my 71 year old Mom that is a breast cancer warrior.  My trusty car has given us the opportunity to work in the city that we love and for my children to continue to attend the school they have called home since hitting that rough patch in our lives.  I am thankful that I didn’t need to uproot them once again and say good bye to the friends and community who’s families have helped us survive with their kindness and friendship.  

Our life line – AKA ‘Ol Trusty – has been the thread that has kept us together.  Making sure I care for it as good as it has cared for us through these years is a requirement.  Our lives would change drastically if I couldn’t get to work or take my children to their school.  It will literally be devastating to us all if we didn’t have a working car.  I do an oil change regularly and the Quaker State brand was always  trusted by my Dad and instilled in me since I flipped my own tricycle and worked on it side by side while he worked on his truck.  

My car has hit 103,000 miles today and my Maintenance/Oil light came on.  I quickly ran over to Walmart’s Auto Care Center in Lakewood, CA after work and picking up the kiddos.  I ordered the Quaker State Synthetic as I know this will work best for ‘Ol Trusty.   The technician was very helpful and decided on the Synthetic Quaker State oil change was best for my high mileage car.  

You can also find Quaker State products in the Auto Supply section of Walmart located by the Auto Care Center on the West side of the store, right after the home decor aisles – located on isle X5.  I’m so glad they’re open until 7 p.m. every day and went in for a little shopping while I waited for my car to be up next in line.  This is very convenient most especially while needing to buy those last minute school supplies.  

Let me tell you, my car was feeling a little sluggish prior to this oil change and when I got us on the freeway to head back home I can tell the difference immediately!  It had a faster response and a smoother change between gears.  Good ‘Ol Faithful was happy and so was I.

Es en VERDAD UN CAMBIO CONFIABLE!  It truly is (an oil change) you can feel CONFIDENT on!

Walmart’s Auto Care Center in Lakewood, CA is at 2770 Carson Street on the corner of Lakewood Boulevard.   It is located on the Lakewood Boulevard entrance behind it’s Garden Center.
Hours for this location are as follows:

Want to find out which Quaker State motor oil best fits your vehicle(s)?  Click here:

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