Just A Gold Leaf Illusion… Dress from NY Collection (Outfit Of The Day)

NY Collection Gold 3/4 Sleeve Dress 

What a PERFECT dress for the Holidays!  It’s a piece you can dress up or down with the right accessories and blazer, sweater or jacket.  
The design gives the illusion of added curves and the material is very intricate and in gold “lace-like” foil.  The material is very comfortable with stretch and even though I was nervous about the mesh being snagged it was surprisingly sturdy.

I was worried that the “body-con” design may hug my double tummy awkwardly and am very happy with the added material around that area (hips.)  This is a Size 3X but I it was a bit loose on me and am requesting a size 2X for a better fit.  *NOTE: The sleeves are 3/4 length but I’m a tiny gal and looks like a full sleeve.

Accessorizing ideas galore with this one.  I played it safe and did my Oaxaca gold plated earrings, an arm full of gold bracelets and my gold tipped black pumps for work.  Other ideas for this dress are:  popping a color instead of gold… Red skinny belt… red bracelet, earrings and/or necklace… with red intricate heels. You can also mix gold with teal for an even more interesting mix.  Take it to the retro with pearls and it will work nicely.
The dress is statement enough and kept my makeup neutral with a neutral lipstick.  I would have also preferred a copper-gold lipstick for greater impact aside from a deep red.

Measurements:    47-42-53     Height: 5’0

NY Collection Dress is available on line at:  Ebay Listing
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