I’m Blue Ballerina! (Outfit Of The Day)

Three Dots “Bella” Dress  *Gwynnie Bee Exclusive

I truly don’t wear enough blue and decided on this comfortably soft dress from “Three Dots.”  I’ve found this brand to always be very soft and comfy no matter the style.  It’s a classic scoop neck cut yet the pockets and flowing skirt makes it a little special!
Now that I’ve defined my general style being a Retro-Classic Punk it’s been quite interesting on how I mix things up.  The dress is classic and wanted to aim for a dressy casual look for another sizzling hot day at work.  My ballerina flats brought that whimsy feel to it and had me doing a little bit of ballerina steps each time I wear them.  I did a rockabilly but classic hair style with a ponytail and rolled in bangs for added magic.  For my punk splash I wore my spiked multi-strand necklace and spiked classic earring drops.
Necklace Link:  <<<CLICK HERE>>>
To add to my punky view on things today I did a cobalt blue shadow with an impacting thick Cleopatra eye.  I lined my lower eye with a sparkly matching blue liquid liner.  Since I’m emphasizing my eyes I did a neutral lip gloss and only highlighted my cheeks and didn’t wear any blush.  I think it all tied in pretty nicely.
As you can tell from the pictures, I swirled, curtsied and did a few artistic poses for my Son – the photographer.  Needless to say he was a bit confused at what I was doing… BUT I had fun!

Measurements:   47  –  42  –  53                         Height:   5’0

I’m wearing Size 2XL and it fit perfectly.

This dress is currently not available online in Plus Size.  If you’re a Gwynnie Bee subscriber you will find it in the “Three Dots” collection.

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