IGIGI “Aileen” Dress Made Me Feel WOW ALL Day! (Outfit Of The Day)

Aileen Dress from IGIGI

I have long been an admirer of IGIGI‘s designs these past couple of years.  They are so elegant and beautiful and couldn’t wait to finally buy one.  I ordered a very pretty dress this last Christmas as my own present for myself.  Sadly I was too short and couldn’t alter it and just never got around to trying another design and size.
Now that I have my Gwynnie Bee subscription I was beyond excited to choose a few designs for my “cyber closet.”  As per previous posts, Gwynnie Bee is like a “Netflix” subscription.  You pay a monthly membership and choose from 100’s of designs and items( from various Designers including IGIGI)  from their site to place in to your “cyber closet.”  Gwynnie Bee then ships them out according to the number of pieces you’ve subscribed for and what is in stock at the size you  requested.  You receive their professionally cleaned and packaged box and can wear their pieces for as long as you want during your membership time frame (I actually ship back within days and have another order delivered before I know it!)  Once you’re done you ship them back in their “pre-paid” envelopes and await your next shipment.  It’s like opening a Christmas present EVERY TIME… AND… gives you an endless wardrobe.  You can also opt to buy the item(s) at a well discounted rate if you find yourself IN LOVE with the piece(s) as I have discovered to be with a couple of dresses already!  
Click the Following Link>>  Gwynnie Bee FREE Trial

Back to the GORGEOUS Dress…

This dress is a Big WOW!  The bright blue/turquoise with the stripes design along with the under bust waist line connecting the faux wrap skirt is flattering in every sense of the word.  The material has a full skirt shell that kept the material from clinging to my lower body which is a welcome design detail!

I paired the dress with a large teal necklace with gold detail and my platform heels from NineWest.  My hair is in a messy up do and did my makeup in a classic style using teal eye shadow as a smokey eye.  Makeup is from my favorite staple makeup brand:  

Pink Stiletto Cosmetics (I rarely deviate from what works for me as you can see.)
Measurements:  47-42-53  Height 5’0
Dress Size 14/16  *I’ve found IGIGI sizing to be very roomy and am between their 14 to 18 in their chart.
The “Aileen” Dress is currently in low supply on the IGIGI website and Retails for $118.  I  recommend Gwynnie Bee‘s services if you’re not ready to commit to the dress as of yet.
I am thinking of keeping this dress in my permanent closet.  That’s how much I LOVE it!

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