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My path crossed with a gorgeous lady on social media.  I sent a friend request and found out about her makeup products.  For Christmas she did an amazing sale.

I have stayed away from glitter eye shadows since my life is spent in the office that is a bit conservative.  Yet her site talked about “color shifting” eye shadows.  I was intrigued and decided to buy a few with this sale and use them for the work I do with underprivileged teens – prom is just around the corner!  
I received my order and it wasn’t the glittery shadows I was used to seeing.  The color shifting – marble like colors had me wanting to wear one for curiosity sake.  I wore a retro powder blue dress and picked the “HYPNOSTATIC” hue that had the same powder blue hue flash at me when I moved the container around.  
This product is a loose powder that is high pigmented.  A little goes a LONG way and you can pat on a couple of layers if you want a more pronounced look.  I decided on a softer application.  
After putting on my favorite tinted primer I did my whole face and brows.  Highlighted my brow bone with a light shade from my “Naked Pallet 2” then used the same brush to pat on the “HYPNOSTATIC” eye shadow.  I used my blending blush to distribute the powder and then came back and patted another layer along the crease of my eye lid – somewhat like a smokey eye. Added a thick eyeliner for a more retro look and cleaned up any excess powder that may have fallen under my eye and cheek with my skin toned powder.

To show what makeup looks out in the world I take pictures in my car using the unfiltered light from the sun.  While taking the pictures I made sure it showed as it did in person.  I didn’t add any picture filters and took them in different angles to show the “color shifting” of the product.

The Results:

It looked MARVELOUS!  I normally blend in at least 3 eye shadow colors to achieve my eye look in addition to my brow highlighter.  I make quick work of it since I do it every day BUT having to only worry of the one will cut down on time.  This product has achieved to delivery the “look” of various colors in one product AND didn’t look like I was going to a club.  It’s PERFECT for day time AND my biggest fear was how it would look in my blog photo shoots?  It looks BEAUTIFUL with my camera.

I will plan on a “night/club” look application this weekend with this product.  Can’t wait!  
You need to try this product for yourself.  I will post the other colors I picked up as soon as I wear them and capture it on camera for you all to see.  
You can purchase “Hypnostatic” at:
Mon Ennui Cosmetics
Picture courtesy of: www.monennui.com/products/276703-hypnostatic

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