How To Reclaim Your Sparkle! Do It In Rose Gold By

Is your sparkle fizzing out?

I’m not going to lie, these past few weeks have made my inner sparkle a little dim.  The events have been pretty heavy and know I’m not the only one suffering from its affects.

My heart goes out to my family, friends and those affected by the recent events in Mexico, Puerto Rico and the many other areas that has been harmed.

How I reclaimed my spark!

I do my best to contribute, donate and spread awareness of what is happening and how we can help.  Knowing this helped me re-balance myself a bit and that flicker of spark commenced, thankfully.  There isn’t a set time of how we each go through this process, so if you take longer: It. Is. Okay!

I spent more time with my kiddos, many of which is piling on to my tree house (aka trundle bed set that is 3 feet off the ground) LOL! We watched a few of our favorites on Netflix and HULU while we threw pillows at each other or intruded personal space by placing an annoying arm or leg at each other.  Family life, gotta’ LOVE it.

On Sunday I decided to wear the most sparkly piece of clothing in my closet – which happens to be the full sequined shirt dress in rose gold.  Where did I wear it?  Does it truly matter where one wears a disco ball to?  I bring the party with me no matter where I go…

Let me say, that this was my over the top outfit to go grab some burgers with my kiddos!  Bwahahahaa!  I think they were the most celebrated ever 😉

Wear it if for no other reason than to just feel SUPER EXTRA:
EXTRA Pretty, Special and Sparkly

I wanted to shine and by golly did I shine! I swayed in the sun and turned the Disco Lights on anyone who cared to see.  It made people look and grin at this little round ball of glitter just doing her thing.  Totally had my inner sparkle twinkle with glee with each smile.

Do we really need a reason?

This lovely shirt dress was so much fun to wear.  Not only because it’s beautiful but it’s very comfortable.  It has a loose fit and can be worn with a jeans jacket to dress it down but still be EXTRA! YES, EXTRA is good.

I went all out and wore it with my silver heels and nothing more.  I’ll keep it in mind to take pictures of a casual look – won’t that be fun?!

Where to find this piece of Magic?

You can find this pretty at: Madeline Rose Gold Sequined T-Shirt Dress<<CLICK HERE>>

I’m wearing the UK Size 24 – I normally wear a 3XL Size 20 USA.

I measure 5’0   and 48 – 45 – 55

If this fits short you can wear it over leggings or pants.  You can also layer it with another skirt.  For my height and measurements it works perfectly as a dress.

I recommend to size down for a fitted look but keep in mind there is no stretch to this sequined design.

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  1. September 27, 2017 / 12:13 pm

    I’d say that you did wonderful in reclaiming your sparkle Elizabeth! And even more so than your dress, with your beautiful smile! 🙂 Reading your post helped me reclaim my own “sparkle”, if you will, my emotional one, as my days have been difficult lately.
    Thank you!!! 🙂

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