Hope Anchors The Soul… TOGETHER We Can GIVE Hope!

I was recently asked what can “we” do to make Positive Change?
My Answer:  WE can GIVE Hope!
Nothing is too small or too late… Will you be part of that HOPE?
Today I’m featuring a project that we can make a difference in.  Contribute and SHARE… It WILL make a difference!
“Hope Anchors The Soul” is a project for Elizabeth.  Her goal is to sell 100 shirts to help fund her bone marrow transplant taking place next week.  You can also contribute to her directly through Paypal at:  elizabethkjaeger@gmail.com

Elizabeth honored me with a short interview and I hope you feel the amazingness that she brings through her words.  This is my first time meeting her through this cyber world and am thankful to know such a great human!  Follow her journey through her Blog at: http://chubbymadness.com/
“Well, my name is Elizabeth and I am 29. I work at a substance abuse clinic as a patient scheduler. I currently live in a small town in Indiana, outside of Indianapolis. I like puppies, sushi, and knitting. I hate birds, E.T. and tornadoes. Ooh, I feel like I am filling out my online dating profile again. 🙂 
I first began to feel tingling in my feet about 6 months ago but didn’t think much of it so only casually mentioned to my doctor during a routine check up. She referred me to a neurologist, thankfully and from there we began to realize it was much more than just some tingling. 
They ran a million tests and found that I had a M Protein in my blood that was replicating in a way similar to some blood cancers and bone cancers. With that they referred me to an oncologist and found that I had lesions all over my bones (because the M Protein was attacking them). With in this time I began to get weaker, requiring the use of a cane but all the tests came back negative for any cancer. Confused by what could being going on with me my doctor suggested we seek help from outside sources. After that, they referred me to the Mayo Clinic. Having never seen POEMS in someone so young before they found it hard to believe that is what I actually had. 
So they ran MORE tests, including another bone marrow biopsy, PET Scan, EMG, Electrocardiogram, and an eye exam. Finally on November 26 they determined that I do in fact have POEMS. I am the youngest female to ever have this disease. Though, not curable it is treatable and manageable. Unfortunately we must start from the beginning and I will be receiving chemo and a bone marrow transplant beginning in January. 
Finding out you have a chronic illness that isn’t going to ever go away is kind of a blow. But at the same time it was SUCH a relief to know that I will be ok. I said in my blog at chubbymadness.com it is just a hurdle. I may glide over it like a gazelle or trip over it like a drunken sailor, but I will get over it and I and I will be on top. I am going to lose my hair, I am going to get real sick, and it will take me months to walk again…but the bottom line is I AM GOING TO BE OK. 
Anyone who may be affected by this in the future I highly recommend two things. First, ALWAYS GET A SECOND OPINION! You never know who might catch something that was overlooked before. And two, don’t give up. An illness like this only FEELS like the end of the world. But it isn’t. It is just a bump in the road.”  

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