Happy 5th ANNIVERSARY to ME! #BloggerLife!

Has it really been that long???!!!!  Ijole!!!!!

It feels like a life time ago when I first delved in to opening a “blogging” page.  My FIRST post was on September 20th 2010 with a “WELCOME.”  I made a promise that day to build you a HOME to come to for:
Inspiration, Acceptance and Strength!
I have 393 posts since then, not counting this one and will be hitting 300,000 visits this month… it’s like WOW… really.. WOW!  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be here 5 years later with such great experiences, new friends (cyber and in person) and have readers from across the globe.  There were lives I brought light to and others I have changed for ever and for that I am beyond thankful.
You have been with us though the worst of times and as we slowly but surely have come up from being homeless and sick to where we are now.  Looking back at the first pictures we took with our old cell phones and cameras and seeing how much my own children have grown is almost surreal.  Amazing right?!  Now they’re the talented published world wide photographers behind this blog… can you hear the proud Mama voice?
THANK YOU… GRACIAS… to YOU all that have grown with me and continue to find me within the Gagillions of cyber posts on the web.  May I continue to provide a home for you to rest and find positivity when your soul is in need of it.  
Please comment below and SUBSCRIBE as I will be reaching out to a few of you for some special Thank You notes from my kiddos and I.

Tell me which is your favorite post and why as I have some nifty gifts to send out to you… as you may already know that bringing a smile to you fills my heart!  

May the next 5 years be ever more FANTASTIC!

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