Guess Who’s FAMILY decides to MOVE IN TO the MOST HAUNTED Place in East L.A.????!!!

Yup!  My Uncle!!!!!

I situated him in with clean blankets, pillows, soap and supplies… put the base together for his flat screen t.v.’s and got the cable lines in… before I knew it I had a few Seniors wanting help in connected their t.v.’s…
So I gathered my old metal tool box and hobbled over with my hand sanitizer and tissue paper…. My Summer Cold wasn’t stopping me from helping the Senior Community.
It was EERRIIEEE to say the least.. I’ve heard and seen many stories since I was a child.  I eye balled it from the pretty park situated across from it – It’s a major spot for pictures on our Quinceneras and weddings, mine included.
I walked in to the South Wing that is the 1st Phase in the city’s transformation of this Haunted Hospital in to state of the art senior apartments.  If you ignored the decrepit hospital buildings to the left you would be somewhat impressed by this building.  Featuring new interiors and wood floors along with 1 bedroom units that I myself would enjoy living in.  The building and units are handicap accessible with impressive large restrooms and showers.
Still it was hard to shake off the feeling of creepiness of KNOWING how this looked and was used for.  Maybe if I didn’t know of it’s past but the look of the hospital next door doesn’t help at all.
I will try to share current pictures on my next visit to my Uncle’s place.  Below is a picture of the EXACT same hallway looking down my Uncle’s apartment prior to the renovation.

Here’s is the link to more BEFORE pictures and a couple of fun videos for your entertainm

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