Grey, Plum , Boots and Chains (Outfit of the Day)

I have quite a daring streak.  I enjoy spikes and chains more than your average gal… ha!  Today I layered as it was a rainy day but not cool enough for my hot blooded self to feel comfortable wearing a rain jacket.  I pulled out my Torrid Boots from last season’s sale and my striped torrid blazer with the cute ruffles on the back –  paired it with my grey leggings and a ruched tunic that I found “gently used.”  My office at times gets stuffy and wanted to have the option of a lighter “cover-up” to my sleeveless tunic and wore that underneath the blazer cinched with a belt I found on Ebay last year.
The blouse has the chain bodice sewn in and as it was a “gently used” find I couldn’t get it in a smaller size.  It fits like a mini dress on my short frame but believe the layering and belt cinching helped bring the look together.  What style should I describe this?  Hmmmmm…  It’s across between Rock&Roll with a strong dash of “Nice Gal” mixed in to throw people off a bit.  I completed the look with a dramatic purple and grey eye.  I would have straightened my hair but it was too humid, windy and wet for that to last longer than a few seconds before my hair would decide to puff out like the head of a Q-Tip!
Torrid doesn’t have this style available in the boots OR the blazer/jacket.  But there are similar designs currently offered for their Fall/Winter Season… click>>>  TORRID Website  
I recommend to keep an eye out on Ebay.  There’s lots of Torrid pieces offered there but check the Torrid site for SALES and for price comparisons.  Also, join on line communities that sell “gently used” clothes as that is where I have purchased the majority of my wardrobe at better than sale prices.
It’s fun to choose a few pieces a little outside of our normal wear.  It brings out our creativity!

*Leave a comment and let me know if you’d like to be added to a “gently used” clothing sale group.  I belong to a few and am happy to add you.

My poor Son was freezing during this short and FAST shoot.  
He’s such a trooper & the BEST photographer!

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