Geometric Dress: From OneOne3

I’ve been eyeballing this dress since I first set eyes on it in an online magazine early this year.  The designer – OneOne3 – has amazing pieces that are very modern and VERY MUCH my style.  Needless to say I added it to my “wish list.”

A couple of weeks ago I viewed a post from one of my favorite bloggers – Garner Style – and it was on this SAME EXACT DRESS!  She looked BEYOND AMAZING in it and the best part was that it was ON SALE!  I jumped on their site and ordered it in a heart beat.

I was in pins and needles awaiting its arrival and was literally dancing with joy when it was delivered to my office yesterday.  My coworkers just shook their heads at me as they know very well how big of a FATshionista I am.

I ran home and was excited to see that it was a good fit… a little big but a couple of stitches and a big belt later – it looked PERFECT!  I trekked the hill beside my house and had my Son take a couple of pics to share on my Facebook page.  I decided to wear it to work today and let me tell you… I was an instant CELEBRITY.

I was proposed to, asked out on a date, was asked to move ahead of a paying line all by different men I’ve never met before.  Plus there was not one person that didn’t comment on how pretty I looked in this dress at work and at home.  
The dress is stretchy and very comfortable to wear.  The length was a tad long on my petite body and wore heels to make it look correctly.  I ordered a size 22 guessing on the UK cuts being a little smaller than the American designed clothes, as well as ordering based off of Chastity’s post in her blog in Garner Style.  I believe their size 20 would of been a better fit for me instead.
I put my hair up in what I call the “Princess Bun” and wore my gold tipped black heels.
*I will post a video on my hair-do soon.  
The following is a short photo shoot taken by my talented children in the city I grew up and LOVE: East Los Angeles.  We had fun and captured a great pictorial, if I do say so myself.

Measurements In this Pictorial:  47-42-53   5’0 Tall and 240lbs

Dress is from:  OneOne3
Size: 22


  1. August 10, 2013 / 5:58 pm

    Love the dress, I have been checking it out for a long time. It looks great on you.

    • August 10, 2013 / 6:18 pm

      Thank you Affinity! I believe this design will work GREAT on MANY bodies and styles!
      Can't wait to see you in yours.

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